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Our mission


We are a Brazilian Christian NGO called "Hands for the Nations". Our physical office in Brazil is located in the northeast of the country at Avenida Alexandre Soares, 87 - Centro, city of Taboleiro Grande/RN, duly registered under CNPJ: 20.339.654/0001-51.

In Africa in Mozambique we are located at Address: Muhala, Muhala Expansion, UC Napacala, Qd 03, Casa 01, Cidade de Nampula, Nampula, Mozambique, duly registered under number 100.192.284.

We develop social and evangelistic work in Brazil , Mozambique and Cambodia and with dimensions to go where Master Jesus sends us on this planet.

The name Hands to the Nations means:

"Hands to = help, contribute, cooperate, do something "

"Nations = Everywhere on this earth there are needy people we can reach"

So our goal is to be able to contribute in many nations , especially those that suffer the most from social vulnerability, and in these places to commit according to the biblical verse that governs our mission:

"Thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I will lift up my hand to the nations, and I will lift up my standard before the peoples; then they shall bear your sons in their arms, and your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders" Isaiah 49:22

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What we do

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Give bread to the hungry

"Because I was hungry, and you gave me to eat..."

Matthew 25:35

Simply that, no bureaucracy, no religiosity in the matter, just the practical fulfillment, where there are hungry people, give food to satisfy hunger, and of course, not forgetting the spiritual food Jesus Christ!

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this is our story


Start of Work ...

In 2010 we started working with children in Taboleiro Grande/RN, more precisely on 04/05/2010.  On Saturdays we were going to teach the children the way of the Lord Jesus , the work began in a rented club, then we prophesied about that place, and today we see the fulfillment of the Lord's word about this place, becoming our Church and the physical office of the Hands to the Nations.  

The photo on the side is the handprints of our children who left a prophecy at that timewritten:  " The Hands That Bless ". Hence the name of our Mission. Not only bless this city, but from here, peoples, tribes, languages and Nations...

"The work of the Lord is a seed that man plants and does not know how it grows". Mark 4:28-30



It was when in 2013 our Pastor Wolneir Protásio invited us to go to Mozambique to hold an event of the Prophetic Encounter of the MCM (World Christian Mission) and the process of going to the Nations began.

When we returned to a meeting with our children from the Sertão , God gave them the name Hands for the Nations, and soon the Lord entrusted Missionary Ronildo Miguel with the revelation of this Word.

"Thus says the LORD: Behold, I will lift up my hand to the nations, and I will lift up my standard before the peoples; then they will carry your sons in their arms, and your daughters will be carried on their shoulders." Isaiah 49:22

Then Hands for the Nations appears... and we are ready to be that hand. And do you want to be that hand?


Want to know more about our history...

Visit the HANDS FOR THE NATIONS mission and come be part of this story through our time tunnel right here, in the place where it all began...

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 Board of Directors

Kalênio Fernandes

Director President of the Mãos para as Nações Mission, he is also Pastor at the Casa de Adoração Church in the city of Taboleiro Grande/RN.

Married to Válbia Fernandes, he works today as a missionary in Brazil and nations of the earth, proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom!

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Josinaldo Vieira

Vice Director of the Mãos para as Nações Mission, married to Eveline, today lives in the city of Pau dos Ferros/RN, where he pastors the local church and also other  Churches in the region called MIE (ministry of intercession and evangelization) in which he acts as President Director of this ministry and in the planting of churches in the Sertão Nordestino.

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Our missionaries in the field