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A real one impacts lives

Yes, donate even if it's 1 real

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Donate just 1 real!

Ah, if every person donated even a dollar to help children in the Sertão of Brazil and Africa!

Yes that's right, we think like you, get the most people donating even 1 real per month!

Can you imagine getting a good number of people to donate just 1 real per month? Have you ever thought if this number of people reaches 10 thousand people? Have you done the math?

And this amount being directed to the construction of schools in Africa and in the northeastern hinterland and managing to save as many children as possible by giving them food, clothing and dignity!

It doesn't come off heavy for anyone, does it? Everyone participates, there will be no shortage of resources to advance the work, everything will be moving forward! Every day more children will be rescued from the misery that plagues the world!

Join our $1 donation counter!

What seems little will make a big difference when many come together!

What is a real 1 to me? I can donate a little more than 1 real per month!


If you can donate 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 or even another amount per month that would be fantastic! Increase that possibility of reaching in the kingdom of God. Let's together improve the lives of many children who don't have access to water, food, clothes, schools, personal hygiene, health care and much more!

Did you know that the mission also helps give clean water to children?

Did you know that the mission has already saved the lives of many children with medical and hospital care?

We can do much more , just increase your offer a little!

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Bank accounts and pix

PIX : Banco Cora

CNPJ: 20.339.654/0001-51


Or scan the QR Code on the side in your bank's app.

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international transfers


BILL: 3016816321004  

NIB: 0003030106816322100460

IBAN: MZ59000303010681632100460


Hands for the Nations Association


Donating in the United States and Abroad in General





Bank Name: Involves Bank & Trust

Swift code: FRNAUS44

ABA/Routing Number: 084106768 - ACH Routing Number: 084106768

Account number: 9800301823

Account Name: Kalenio Santo

Bank Address: 6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200 Memphis, TN 38119

To donate abroad in general use Paypal or Western Union

Individual data:

Kalenio Fernandes do Espirito Santo

PIX CPF: 029.669.454-19

other donations

If you would like to donate anything else that you find useful in advancing Hands to the Nations, please contact us using our form!

Note: If you prefer to identify your offer , send us proof of transfer to the email or by Whatsapp: +258 84558 6508

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we accept donation in different ways ,  We are up to date with new technologies. If you invest in cryptocurrencies , in this case Bitcoin and others, you can also make a donation at Mãos para as Nações.

You can copy our wallet address below, or read the QRCode :


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