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Refuge School

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In 2013, Pastor Cláudia Guimarães and her family, founder of Associação IDE , were encouraged by the Holy Spirit to write the curriculum "Crescendo" and then to start kindergarten schools . That's when the opportunity to go to Mozambique happened and there the first school opened in the city of Nampula, Bairro de Muhaivire , then we met and in 2017 we closed a partnership and opened in Quinga (North Coast of Nampula) and later in Nampula city in Bairro from Napacala.

"The Refúgio Infantile Education School is confessional, it aims to encourage children through the teachings of Jesus Christ , through created things, to learn with quality in early childhood and continue growing for the school challenges they will face, also being good citizens in their homeland , encouraging love for others."


Our schools are of particular quality and their maintenance is through contributions from individuals and corporations who understand that they need to give a child a future .

Children will be kept in the school environment and also helped within their family, also in the provision of their physical needs, such as clothes, shoes and hygiene and health care.

The contribution to Escolinha Refúgio is to support the children during the school year and we offer continuity in the other Mission programs such as AMADE so that the child can be accompanied by the godfather until the age of 14.


Do you want to give a dignified future to one of our children? Be a donor to our schools:


The Refúgio de Nampula School is located in the north of Mozambique, in the city of Nampula, Bairro Napacala.

Many children in Nampula do not have the opportunity in early childhood to be served in a good quality school.

Refúgio school is a great opportunity for them , not only as an early childhood education school, but for an extraordinary future .

By making your contribution to this little school, you give the children of Africa the opportunity to have quality education and lead them to the knowledge of Jesus. You also help with good nutrition, clothing, shoes, hygiene and health.

Shall we contribute to the Refugio de Nampula School?

With only 120 reais a month,
you give dignity to a child!

Do not publish the children's photos in any communication vehicle, being allowed only for participation with sponsor in which the child is not exposed.

Any questions contact us click here .

Do you want to meet the children available to sponsor the Refúgio ?

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